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While fully integrated into our everyday lives, lifts never stop improving and bringing new solutions to current concerns.

Architectural, environmental and budget constraints are all factors that must be carefully taken into account when installing a lift.

Lifts are the most used means of collective transport in the world and is also that which uses the least fossil fuels.

Keeping your concerns at the heart of its designs, SODIMAS has created a wide range of solutions that fit in with the various characteristics of contemporary and historical buildings alike.

SODIMAS strongly believes in designing the least power-hungry lift, choosing products that are easy to recycle and rejecting the most polluting, checking each solution and selecting one with proven efficiency.

We offer you safe, silent, comfortable, fast and eco-efficient lifts.

Whatever your requirements, whether a new, listed, future or HQE building, whether for industrial, residential or medical use, it can be home to a SODIMAS lift.

By your side, we commit to creating lifts that are sustainable and respect the environment to safeguard future generations.