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Eco-design by SODIMAS

In accordance with German standard VDI4707, SODIMAS machine-room-less lifts are all A-class

 Certificat VDI4707

This classification indicates very low power consumption.


The SODIMAS machine-room-less lifts are fitted with latest generation technological advances in the energy savings field:

  • All Cars are fitted with LED lighting, which is less power-hungry and more long-lasting that its traditional counterpart
  • A controller that automatically enters standby mode when the lift is not in use, with lights, indicators etc. switching off
  • All SODIMAS lifts are fitted with permanent magnet synchronous motors driven by a VVVF inverter that cuts energy use by 50% as compared with more traditional systems

Naturally, SODIMAS lifts VMBe, SMALL and MEDIUM achieve the highest possible grade, A