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Human Resources

For SODIMAS, the greatest strength an employee may have is team spirit.

Do you wish to bring your skills to a collaborative project? Do you want to share your knowledge to help the company grow? For you, does individual entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand with corporate spirit?

In that case, we would like to meet you.

By working for SODIMAS, you will be in a dynamic environment and at the heart of a motivated team that is attached to its company.

And because being an employee is a big part of your everyday life, we attach great importance to your wellbeing. With your real skills and abilities, you play a leading role in your own professional development.

Because we wish to give a little bit to everyone and because we know that individual development goes hand-in-hand with corporate development, our human resources policy looks to help each employee achieve excellence in their own sector.

To Train, Support & Motivate are the main actions that we implement to ensure you realize your potential.

Welcome to SODIMAS.