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Being a lift professional

The lift profession is actually composed of two branches that, together, ensure product monitoring from design through to end of life.

The industrial branch:

This branch designs, manufactures and installs lifts, goods lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors. Some companies only manufacture the components, others are exclusively specialised in the installation of the devices.

The services branch:

This branch ensures the maintenance and upgrade of equipment and provides technical support to users. This branch requires a great amount of specialist knowledge, namely mechanical, hydraulic, electric, electronic and IT.

Where versatility is key

Lift professionals have in-depth knowledge of old and new technologies alike. They can partner architects, developers, clients, chief engineers, institutional owners, council housing management bodies, property managers, tenants and users

The sector is changing constantly and actively takes part in the advances of our world. It is undeniably for this reason that the great majority of professionals are proud of their work and enjoy long careers in the lift sector. Today, the lift sector in France numbers around 150 companies that act directly on the sector and that are specialised in whole or in part in the production and maintenance of lifts.