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Machine-room-less lifts

This family covers all the solutions developed by SODIMAS in response to demand for old and new buildings alike.

The motor and the inverter are integrated in the lower part of the shaft for a more silent operation in stages used. The panel control stays at the level in a stylish aluminum enclosure.

In line with regulations, SODIMAS has developed and marketed machine-room-less devices that make it possible to reduce top clearance on the highest floor of new buildings:

  • for 630 kg and 450 kg-capacity lifts, respectively 2,600 mm and 2,500 mm are enough according to directive 95/16-EC

One of the most advanced in terms of energy savings, our new VMSpeed can operate completely autonomously on solar energy. Our next VSpace will offer the most effective solution within the framework of existing lifts replacements.

Ascenseur sans local machinerie   Ascenseur sans local machinerie