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With our deep-rooted experience in lift engineering, SODIMAS now extends its range to small dumbwaiters and presents the Microlift.

Ideally suited to any business – retails, hotels, even as specific as catering or hospitals – or personal use, the Microlift fits any sector :

Office buildings
Private homes

Sturdy and reliable, it meets any need

Whether you need to transport fragile material with double load set or more voluminous load with trolleys, each and every good shall be quickly conveyed to upper floors.

Standards and regulation adherence

Microlift meets the following standards :

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic apparatus 2004/108/CE
  • EB 81-3 : 2000 Directive (with an accessible or inaccessible compartment)