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Modernization solution

Although designed and maintained to last, lifts tend to age through sheer everyday use, as happens to all mechanical and automatic transport means. To guarantee its safety, as well as its functional and even aesthetic aspects, your lift may benefit from various modernizations.

To improve safety and accessibility and comply with new environmental and standard requirements, the drafting of which SODIMAS is actively involved in via national and European work groups (French Lifts Federation, AFNOR, ELA), some modernizations are compulsory. Others can be partial (replacement of functions, components) or more comprehensive (drive system, hitch, structure, electrification, aesthetics), but they all respect the device's soundness, durability, performance and safety

Thanks to dedicated teams of specialists (R&D, design offices, technical survey assistants, technical sales people), SODIMAS transforms and improves over 6,000 installations per year, all types and all makes combined. Innovation, technological watch and budget concerns are all the basic criteria that SODIMAS holds dear to remain the leading French lifts manufacturer