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Motor types

Lift without machine room


Having developed a "gearless machines + belts" system that requires very little space, SODIMAS is in a position to offer a full range of lifts that do not require a machine room.

The new concept makes it possible to fit these lifts into new and existing buildings alike, with a lower height requirement for the top level.

  Ascenseur sans local de machinerie

Lift with no machine room


Lift with machine room



  • Latest generation gearless lifts with a cable system combine low power consumption, comfort and no noise.

  • A latest generation synchronous electric gear operates in a way that is close to the gearless system.

  • The drum machine is used for small capacity lifts (used in particular when creating a lift in an existing building),


Ascenseur gearless

Gearless lift



Most suited to shorter and slower travel, this technique is used for high capacity goods lifts and for fitting lifts into small spaces. Additionally, this technique makes is possible to design and create panoramic cars.

  Ascenseur oléodynamique

Hydraulic lift