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Ascenseur Small

Your accessibility solution

More than a simple lifting platform, this mini lift offers all the advantages of its larger counterparts in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency, and is perfectly in line with all the criteria listed in standard NF EN 81-70 regarding accessibility for the disabled.






Ascenseur Small

Simple installation

SMALL is part of our range of machine-room-less lifts.

With small top clearance and pit space requirements, fitting a SMALL means no structural changes to your building.

For example, fitting a SMALL in a new building only requires 2,500 mm of top clearance.





Ascenseur Small Ascenseur Small

An energy-efficient lift:

Les produits SODIMAS obtiennent les meilleurs classements en termes d’économies d’énergie (normes allemandes établissant le référentiel : VDI4707).

This SMALL lift is A-class, indicating very low power consumption.







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Specifications :

With local Local without Pit depth Last level height
charge utile / Machinerie Speed Machineroom high Low Machineroom High engine Low engine Existing building New building Existing building New building
225 0.50 X 350 1000 2550 2550
300 0.50 X 350 1000 2500 2500
450 0.50 X 350 1000 2500 2500