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Lift manufacturer

Founded in 1975 by Serge Arnoult, SODIMAS is a leading player in the lifts sector. From the design of your installation to its fitting on site, SODIMAS provides excellent technical and logistical support to your fitter.
A French company with an extensive domestic and international network, SODIMAS is close at hand wherever you are.

This continuous drive to meet client needs eexplains its active role in the various national and European authorities and enables it to keep in line with standards, while sometimes staying ahead of changes made to safety standards.

With its stock, first-rate logistics, and the availability and commitment of its staff, SODIMAS ensures that your projects are always handled within a short timeframe

Creation, research and innovation spearhead our development and enable our clients in the lift sector to find the solution best suited to your needs.

In demonstrating in-depth command of its various concepts, deploying the right resources for the best quality and support service, as well as training its installer clients, SODIMAS ensures unvarying safety and guarantees the durability of its equipment throughout the lifecycle of your lift (and even thereafter).

Service, which acts as the real cornerstone of our company, places the client and the user at the very heart of our organisation and enables us to offer a solid response to even the most demanding requests.

This is what has been driving us since 1975. With its network of clients and partners, this is what makes SODIMAS the perfect professional with a Solution to your needs.

Welcome to the world of Lifts!