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The speed technology now present in the latest generation of control panels is reinventing the frequency inverter.

Think about it:

Today a lift will operate 90% of the time with a load inferior to its full capacity.
Based on this fact, our research and development teams have discovered a way to optimize the lifts energy consumption.

By varying the travel speed according to the actual load, this has allowed us to develop Speed.

Unique technology:

Speed's innovative technology allows the lift, when empty or only partially full, to travel faster by 30% with the help of the car's improved balance.

And when the load exceeds a level nearing maximum capacity the lift automatically reduces its speed by 30%

This technology allows us to reduce the energy consumption of the lift during each journey and therefore ensures optimum performance.

A comprehensive approach:

As part of a global approach to furthering sustainable development, Speed doesn't need any additional component as the technology relies entirely on the Speed controller.

The Speed technology also incorporates the standby mode of all the electric components during extended inactivity of the lift.

The reduced load of the counter weight increases the durability of components and lessens waste management when replaced.

A surprising outcome:

By means of all these combined elements, Speed is able to allow for high energy performance within required standards to VDI A rating.

The Speed Technology is already available for many Sodimas solutions, such as

  • The VM Speed: Based on the Speed conception
  • The V Space: to increase space,

A choice for the future:

Speed can currently operate with all types of renewable energy, adaptable in the long-term …

  • Solar
  • Wind turbine
  • ...

A lift equipped with the Speed technology and operating with solar energy has been installed since 2014 in the test tower at our head office.