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The range with machineroom

Ideal for the replacement or creation of a fully bespoke solution which adapts to the existing environment.

This range offers flexible solutions which are suitable for a lift modernisation or a full replacement. This SODIMAS traditional range modernises all your older lift installations thanks to the use of modern technologies.

Its devices are in accordance with the various standards and new legislations relative to elevators :

  • Directive elevator 2014/33/EU
  • Standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50
  • Standards EN 81-21 for the existing buildings
  • Standards EN 81-70 accessibility
  • Standards EN 81-71 vandal resistant
  • Etc.…

An optimization of your elevator according to your needs

Adaptability and flexibility are key words:

  • Express golden drive mouflée
  • Above or below the shaft
  • Motorization by synchronous winch or Gearless
  • Controller NG 240 or QItouch
  • Automatic or swing doors

Small size.

A dimensions reduce. The elevator with local machinery SODIMAS uses minimal dimensions for its installation. For example, a 300 kg elevator balanced in high machinery requires only 550 mm of pit and 2450 mm of height of arrival.

Advantages :

  • Perfect integration in your buildings.
  • A product that suits all your configurations.

A Gearless machine.

Today, the technological solution of SODIMAS motorization is composed of 3 elements:

Adaptability and flexibility are key words:

  • The drive machine without gearbox, called "Gearless": the drive pulley of the cabin being directly motorized and braked
  • Permanent magnet synchronous AC motor
  • Speed ​​control and control by a frequency converter
  • Another possibility: drive by synchronous winch or drum (depending on payload)

Advantages :

  • High efficiency, reduced power.
  • Acoustic nuisances eliminated.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Reduced size of the machinery. Comfort and precision of stop.
  • Comfort and precision of stop.

A new pre-wired electric elevator solution QItouch .

The switchboard QItouch is a concentrate of technology based on speed of acquisition and processing, thanks to its powerful multitasking operating system. The direct results are the effective real-time management of travel and comfort for the user.

Designed also for a connected environment (IoT), it is equipped with various communication interfaces for interactivity of services (assistance, maintenance, prevention, supervision). Efficient and flexible, the electric solution QItouch is perfect for all types of elevators, up to high-rise building requiring high speed.

The CAN bus information transmission is associated with the "Push in Twice percing" intelligent connection system. The "Quick Install" electrical system is optimized for quick installation with long-term reliability. In addition, the HMI (Human Machine Interface) integrates an embedded wizard ensuring a guided commissioning for a secure final operation.

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