• ENS800 escalator

    ENA 900 moving walks

Superb design, heavy duty, reliable, safe escalators and moving walks

Sodimas serial escalator and moving walks use the human design ideas. It integrates aesthetic, safety and environmental protection into one. It provides vast customers base with the designed outline, the reliable quality, the outstanding performance.
The truss adopts the robotic welding technology greatly enhances the manufacturing process. It is hight quality, and it is strurdy and durable, beauty and elegance.

Sodimas - escalator intro

The integral aluminium frontier plate is though and nugged, stylish and lightweight, and easy for maintenance.

The diameter of the contact roller is ≥ 70mm. This can effectively reduce the roller pressure, and improve the step chain breaking force.

The B-type escalator adopts the stylish and beautiful stainless handrail bracket suitable for large lifting heights.

Outside the skirting panel, there is a transparent frictin-reducing coating, effectively reducing the friction loss between the step and the skirting panel.

The wedge has a spring structure and glass bracket. By tightening the spring, users can ensure that the wedge and glass are closely laminated, which is strurdy and steady and easy to be installed.

According to EN115-2010, Directive machine 2006/42/EC.

ENS800 escalator / ENA 900 moving walks

The integrated design of the upper and lower drive and the step track will avoid step moving to ensure a smooth transition to the curve track and drive, and reduce the vibration when the step is running.

Wear-resisting painted skirt panel

Robotic welding

Wedge with sping structure and glass braket (optional)

Stainless steel handrail bracket

Green technology, energy-saving

Le système de contrôle intellectuel gère le moteur électrique et le place dans un mode ECO qui peut économiser entre 30% et 70% d'énergie.

When choosing the frequency converter, it can realize the escalator intermittent operation and standby effectively reduces the energy consumption.

LED energy-saving lighting system

Tout l'équipement d'éclairage utilise la technologie d'éclairage LED. Comparé aux ampoules traditionnelles, il peut économiser jusqu'à 80% d'énergie en plus, et sa durée de vie est 10 fois plus longue que celle des ampoules classiques.

Arrangement planning guide

Diverse products, reasonable layout and technical planning.

Interrupted arrangement (one travel direction)

This arrangment will allow the passengers to view the shops around the escalator.

Multi-level criss-cross arrangement (continious traffic flow, two travel directions)

This arrangement is mainly used for small department stores. This intermittent arrangement requirs need more space.

Continious arrangement (one traval direction)

This arragement is mainly used in large department stores, public buildings and places of public transport.

Parallel arrangement (continious traffic flow, two travel directions)

This arrangement is mainlu used for large traffic shopping malls and public transport facilities. When there are three or more escalators, it should be possible to change the direction of movement in accordance with the traffic.

Sodimas - escaliers mécaniques styles

Different types of styles, mobile landscape

Passenger safety

Multiple safety protection functions for escalator and moving walk

Sodimas - escaliers mécaniques sécurité

Emergency stop button

Emergency stop device in an emergency, stop immediately if pressed.

Comb plate safety device

Comb plate safety device stop if objects are caught between comb plate and step treads.

Protective device for handrail

Handrail entry safety device stops if a hand or object is pulled into the handrail entry.

Phase (fault phase) protection

Phase monitoring device stops if missing phase or wrong phase occurs.

Over speed protection device

Over-speed detector stops if operating above normal speed.

Non operation reversal protection device

Non-reversing safety device stops if its direction of operation is reversed.

Cascade chain protection device

step chain safety device stops if the step chain breaks or becomes loose.

Apron protection device

Skirting panel safety device stops if objects are caught between the step and skirting panel.

Step and pallet protection device

Step safety device stops if steps are operating in abnormal manner due to fractured step .

Step gap lighting

Step gap green light under the horizontal steps ease passengers to ride safe.

Additional brake device

Auxiliary brake stops if the driving chain breaks or over-speeds.

Safety device of brake shoe wear

Brake lining wear safety device stops if the lining of main break is worn abnormally.

Drive chain protection device

Driving chain safety device stops if the driving chain breaks are excessively loosed.

Comb plate lighting

Comb plate light lighting on both sides of comb plate ease passengers to ride safety.

Handrail speed detection device

Handrail speed detector stops if handrail is below normal speed due to handrail breakage or elongation.

Protection device with a broken handrail

Handrail broken safety device stops if the handrail breaks or stops.