The connected lift

Sodiacom is the remote connection solution for your lift to offer continuous improvement and availability of the unit. Prevention and warning tools for maintenance, management and visibility for the owner or the facility manager as well as information for the user. Sodiacomis the remote connection solution for your lift that links all key stakeholders

The data transmission system is based on the existing telephone line and compatible for current or future technologies (VOIP, Lora Sigfox ...). All the data is available via the cloud, processed and registered at T2i Telecom, a Big Data French host.
It is compatible on all Sodimas NG 240, QI and QItouch control panels and also boasts a solution for interfacing other manufacturers' control panels.

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Alerts and defects

More than 350 listed faults (QI/NG 240)
Differentiation between informative and/or blocking faults
Selection options for receipt of faults and specific targeted monitoring
Management warning via email/sms


Key component preventive maintenance counter (motor cycles, doors, floor levelling accuracy, temperature)
Programmed e-learning (slip function)
Pre-programmed maintenance and repair planning (pre-programmed alert)

Statistics relating to the lift

Downtime due to breakdowns, maintenance time, mains power down time, ...)
Door opening per floor
Number of starts
Trips, distance
Traffic (waiting time, ...)

Remote actions

Downtime due to breakdowns, maintenance time, mains power down time, ...)
Car / landing / priority call
Door control
Lift out of service
Specific floor parking
Override a particular floor level (x)
Dynamic state
Monitoring (position, consumption, status, ...)

Manager, owner

Overall visibility of the status of lifts in a portfolio
Report / statistics (Excel file export)
Bilateral communication with the lift (maintenance, service, request, ...)
Interactivity, place calls

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