SODIMAS technical support

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SODIMAS at your service

Available from 8h30am to 12h and 13h30 to 17pm, our telephone technical support offers our clients the possibility to contact us for any technical queries on a dedicated phone number.

Technical Support

Numerous types of support:

The SODIMAS technical support offers various ways of assisting you

  • Access to documentation (instructions) via your dedicated client access area.
  • Access to documentation (instructions) via your main processor board.
  • A SMS based troubleshooting system that gives you the targeted response at your request.
  • Technicians to attend your project site.

SODIMAS training

Your safety, comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of our training.
SODIMAS offers useful training modules that will benefit you on a daily basis.

Electrical training

Initial training and Commissioning

This training takes place in three stages, firstly a product presentation, a tour around the product menus and subsequent explanation of the parameters, then explanations of how to carry out the main commissioning operations as simulators i.e. removing fault codes, learning runs, etc. ...)

QItouch – Solimax (Exclusively at a branch) 12 7h
NG 240 12 7h
QI 12 7h
FUJI 12 7h
QI Solimax secure counting sensor 12 7h
Reduced pit and headroom space EN81-21 12 7h

After Sales & Breakdowns

This training is carried out in numerous steps, firstly with an explanation of the working interface procedures of SODIMAS boards, identification and use of diagnostic tools, CAN bus tests, inputs/outputs of boards and the VF drive.

QI board,NG 240 and FUJI VF drive 6 7h

Other electrical based modules

This training is carried out in two steps. Firstly, the installation of SODIMAS update tools and then secondly, practical exercises.
IMPORTANT: I.T skills required and the use of your own personal computer.

Colour indicators 3,5’’ - 4,3’’ - 7’’ 2 7h
Blue indicators 3’’ - 4’’ - 6’’ 2 7h

Mechanical training

Installation and Commissioning

This training takes place in various stages, firstly a presentation of the product range, specific instructions and tools, then an explanation of the installation method and commissioning file. Finally, the explanation of all the relevant operations on simulators i.e. belt tension, brake settings, safety gear, etc. ...)

VMBe - Speed 4 5h
VSpace 12 7h
Médium - Small 12 7h

Maintenance & After sales

The idea behind this type of training is to detail the specific owner maintenance operations i.e. belt tension control, brake settings, etc.…

VMBe - Speed 12 7h
VSpace 4 4h
Médium / Small 4 4h
VM Gearless 4 4h
VM 4 7h
Sodiciel 3 4 7h

Installation Engineer

Service Engineer

Engineer with I.T skills