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Our ambitions

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To offer a full range of products which meets the requirements for luxury buildings, hotels and shopping malls.


Offer a wide range of different speeds and loads which can reach a load of 2500kg up to speeds of 1,6m/s.


Reaching the most innovative technologies such as the technology Speed capable of reducing the energy consumption up to 30% and to increase the traffic by more than 30% in comparison to an elevator of equivalent characteristics.


Able to choose motor configurations, mahine above (Vm M) or machine below (VmBe) according to the construction of the building.

Traction and suspension are provided by a flat belt made of polyurethane.

I nstalled at each end, the trac tion motor of the Vm / VmBe and idler pulley form a closed loop connecting the car and the counterweight on each side.

For the Vm / VmBe, the traction motor is above or below making with the belt an open loop connecting the car and the counterweight on each side.

The lift is outfitted with a gearless motor that requires no added oil or grease and no special maintenance, offering optimised efficiency and improved car comfort. Controlled by a variable speed drive, the product line offers energy savings of almost 50% compared to equivalent conventional systems. Most importantly, it is outfitted with an open technology controller, so that its maintenance can be performed by any maintenance company in this line of business.

gamme VM
The belt represented here, tows the counterweight and not the car, what allows to separate the functions of training and load for a better comfort in car.

This energy-efficient product line provides many innovative features that further reduce energy consumption.

This includes automatic switching of the landing signalling and car lighting systems into standby mode when the lift is idle or stopped, switching certain controller functions into standby mode and manyother features. These functions restart immediately.

The entire product line is

  • Compliant with the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU
  • Compliant with the new harmonised standards EN 81-20 & EN 81-50 / EN 81-21
  • Certified by the APAVE certification body

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The eco-concept at the heart of our products

The eco-concept at the heart of our products

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