• VSpace

  • Pushing back space boundaries

Pushing back space boundaries.

Extra car area

+50 %

Increase the surface of your cabin up to 50%

Extra capacity

+60 %

Enjoy 60% capacity increase



Dernier né de la gamme, le VSPACE4 dans sa conception permet de respecter les exigences liées au bâtiment par une intégration parfaite dans une cage d’escalier, le long d’une façade ou dans des espaces tels que des placards, des locaux sanitaires, etc. …). Le VSPACE4 rend désormais possible l’installation d’un ascenseur dans les dispositions les plus complexes qui autrefois était irréalisable. Le bâtiment ainsi revalorisé, il permet de financer tout ou partie de l’investissement pour devenir accessible à une majorité d’usagers quel que soit leur âge.


Our ambitions

Our ambitions

Optimising the replacement of existing lifts.
Simplifying the creation of lifts in existing buildings.

VSpace is the most suitable solution on the market.

Il offre la plus grande cabine dans l'espace disponible. Jusqu'à 50% de surface en plus à l'intérieur de la cabine sans modifier la structure du bâtiment existant. Des solutions techniques les plus récentes pour répondre aux besoins d’accessibilité et ainsi valoriser l'immeuble existant.

The concept

The lift car travels by means of a closed loop polyurethane belt.

Energy consumption is kept to a minimum by a balancing weight held by cables, counterbalancing all or part of the weight of the lift car.

The moving speed is adapted to the load in the lift car, improving traffic and optimising the installation.


Maximum technology in minimum space

Optimisation of weights in motion

In order to obtain optimum lift car dimensions with a minimum consumption of energy, the use of honeycomb panelling is required.

The use of aluminium allows a benefit of 150kg for an 8-person lift car.

Modular design of all the mechanical units.

Advanced research into the product has enabled the design of mechanical units adapted to the available dimensions using an industrial approach. Specially designed for all lifts modelled in the 1960s and 1970s.

Combined traction and suspension.

Our patented technology is still applied to VSpace through the combination of a traction belt to move the lift and cables to ensure suspension of the lift car.

Sodimas - Vspace téchnologie
Speed Technology

VSpace is equipped with new technology Speed that guarantees a moving speed adapted to the load in the lift car.

30% energy saving 30% traffic --> speed ±30%.. 30% reaction time --> speed ±30%.

Eco-design at the heart of the product.

SODIMAS is continuing to innovate to reduce the energy footprint of its products. The VSpace now works with all renewable energy sources and can be modified over time.

Our ecological approach

Our ecological approach

In this ecological approach, VSpacecombines:

230V single phase supply.
Reduced unavailability time.
The total elimination of oil in the shaft.
The synchronous motor across the whole range.
The standby system for electrical equipment.
The application of the Speed technology
LED lighting in the lift car.
The removal of equipment in the shaft (challenge made possible through the SoLIMAX, the CANbus, the direct to level control system, amongst others).
The QItouch controller

The eco-concept at the heart of our products

The eco-concept at the heart of our products

Discover Speed technology

Optimization of the assembly !

The development of the VSpace has incorporated the job site dimension to optimise assembly at the customer’s premises.

Sodimas - Vspace chantier

It includes:

Factory pre-assembly of huge mechanical components.
The supply of mounting template.
The pre-configuration of installation parameters.
The self-learning system for the shaft.
The packaging optimisation.
The option of having specific tooling.

VSpace aesthetics

VSpace aesthetics

VSpace aesthetics.

The elevator cabins SODIMAS are manufactured in our French factories and are able to adapt to all styles and architectural projects thanks to the quality of the materials used and their neat finishes.

Sodimas - Vspace cabine
Sodimas - Vspace cabine
Sodimas - Vspace cabine
Sodimas - Vspace cabine

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